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Catalyst is a creative growth lab for bold expansive products & companies building a better tomorrow.

To Succeed is to Help Others Succeed

Who We Are

Catalyst, founded by Tiff Willson, grows companies and products built by passionate and driven entrepreneurs. Those who dare to build from the heart – build the future we want to see. Tiff Willson has founded and scaled businesses to over 100 million users and millions in revenue. In addition, Tiff has advised companies on how to grow their assets to be in a position to raise capital and/or become acquired.  

Who We Work With



- Have an innate desire to build their vision.
- Build from Joy vs. Fear.
- Motivated by meaning, autonomy, freedom, and fulfillment.
- Building a better tomorrow.


Building the

- Creative & artist empowerment.
- Circular Regenerative Systems
- Decentralization: distributed networks, Web3.
- Tools for entrepreneurs & autodidacts
- Wise Education: Consciousness, mindfulness, self-care, and growth.

What We Do

1Marketing Strategy

2Digital Strategy

3Technology Innovation


5Brand Direction


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